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Bugazi Bowl

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Weight - 43cm/17inches
Capacity - 454 litres / 120 gallons

Length - 43cm/17inches
Height - 15cm/6inches
Inside of Vessel Measurements:

Length - 40cm/15.7inches
Weight - 40cm/15.7inches
Height (middle) - 14cm/5.5inches
Rim Width – 1.5cm/0.6inches
Drain Hole Diameter – 3.8cm/1.5inches
Bottom Section of VesselMeasurements;
Height – 1cm/0.4inch
Width – 13cm/5.1inches
Weight - 16kg/36lbs
A solid bronze grid drain is included with each Sultan Basin. It is polished by hand and created from the same red bronze as the basin.


The original weight starts out at 16.5kg/37lbs and 0.5kg/1lb of bronze is removed from the surface during the eight stage polishing process. Vessel is numbered, dated and stamped with the Refaqua Seal Options