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Ottoman Bath

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Weight - 460kgs/1000lbs
Capacity - 757 litres/200 gallons

Length - 209cm/82in
Height - 76cm/30in on both ends, 68cm/27in in the middle
Width - 85cm/33.5in, 86cm/34in at the widest section (ends)

Inside Depth - 49cm/19.5in (measured from the middle)
Thickness - ranges from 1cm/0.5in to 2cm/1in
Clearance - 16cm/6.5in with 1cm/0.5in ridges underneath, total = 15cm/6in


Length - 118cm/46.5in, 57cm/22.5in to the drain hole (both sides)
Width - 56cm/22in, 26cm/10.25in to the drain hole (both sides)
Drain Hole- 5cm/2in in diameter


Weight of Clawfoot - 9kgs/20lbs each
Height of Clawfoot - 12.5cm/5in on outside, 4cm/1.5in overlap on tub - total 16.5cm/6.5in
Width of Clawfoot - 18cm/7in (across the 5 claws)
This majestic model is the original Refaqua. The baths used by Sultans in the imperial palaces, were the inspiration for this model's sharp striking angles and wide gentle rim. Having the largest capacity of our bath collection, the Ottoman proudly reflects an uncommon luxury from a time long past.


Measurements may vary as each bathtub is individually handcrafted. A portion of the special workmanship includes the polishing process, which in itself produces approximately 35kgs/16lbs ofbronze dust. As a result, each piece of functional art is unique. Variancesin dimension of each bathtub are generally within 1cm/0.5in to 2cm/1in.