Each one of a kind, solid bronze Refaqua begins in the foundry with a perfect mixture of the finest virgin copper and tin. The molten bronze is poured within a historic mold using the purest red soil following centuries-old sand casting techniques. Following a period of cooling, our skilled artisans break the clay mold from the bronze in preparation for the polishing process. Eight distinct stages of hand polishing are applied to the entire bronze surface of the bathtub. With each stage, the artisans meticulously remove layers of bronze revealing its natural luminous golden finish. Involving hundreds of man-hours and following eight weeks of production, each piece is named, numbered . The result is an authentic hand sculpted reproduction of the original Refaqua.

Important Facts

• Centuries-old production • Specialized trade • Highly skilled artisans • Made from solid bronze • Finest virgin copper
• Original foundry techniques • Purest red soil • Historic mold • Authentic design • Hand polished • Luminous golden finish
• Resilient to water • Easy to clean and maintain • The conductivity of the copper maintains the heat
• The shape is perfectly contoured to the body  • Individually hand-sculpted • Each piece is unique
post foundry pre polishing

post foundry. pre-polishing

artisans polishing

artisans polishing

different stages of production

different stages of production

ready for delivering

ready for delivery

Allow 12 weeks lead time for the production and delivery of bathtub

Allow 4 weeks lead time for the production and delivery of basin