About Us

Rediscover the old art of idleness in a most elegant and luxurious way. Bathe in solid bronze, evoking an atmosphere reminiscent of the times of Sultans. Not only did bronze represent their wealth and prosperity, but its copper component also possessed known healing properties. One of the key centers of health and wellness in Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman times was the bath. Traditionally made of marble, Ottoman artisans improved upon the bath's healing capabilities by crafting its basin out of bronze. The result was a perfectly designed , handcrafted bronze bathtub with the highest quality finish .

We have thoroughly researched the specialized craft of Ottoman bronze production in order to revive the centuries old techniques used to create the luxurious bathing vessels of the Ottoman Sultans. By recreating the original molds and by utilizing authentic designs, polishing techniques, and foundry processes, we have succeeded in resurrecting these handcrafted bronze bathtubs in the twenty-first century.

Fifteen years in its creation, we have perfected the Sultan Bath Bronze Collection. Each unique bathtub is individually hand crafted in Turkey by our highly skilled artisans. Our production follows the centuries-old methods used in this specialized trade and we are passionate about maintaining the traditions of the craft. Combining 93% of the finest virgin copper and 7% tin, the bronze mixture is sand cast with the purest red soil in a historic mold using the original foundry techniques. The massive bronze bell is sculpted to form a shape that perfectly fits the contours of the body. Every piece is then meticulously hand polished in an eight-stage process in order to achieve its luminous golden finish. Finally, each exquisite functional work of art is given a name and numbered .
Last two years , we began also production of white bronze bathtubs and basins , after getting a success on this attempt we have arranged our white bronze products in our Refaqua White Bronze Collection .

Now we are getting our Sultan Bath , Sultan’s Bath , Refaqua brands and bathtub - basin collections together and serving them under Refaqua Collection to all over the world .

Refaqua is a breathtaking centerpiece that will enhance any home, hotel, or health spa.

Refaqua invites you to "cradle yourself in copper."