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  • If you want to feel like royalty, look no further than solid bronze Sultan Bath. Each one-of-a-kind bath has been fashioned in Turkey of the highest quality solid red bronze (a mixture of virgin copper and tin) and then treated to eight distinct stages of hand polishing by skilled craftsmen. The result: a breathtaking radiant surface that is surprisingly easy to clean and maintain. Even better, you'll benefit from copper's inherent healing properties, such as helping restore movement of the body's joints, as well as aiding in the skin's ability to repair itself.
  • The Sultan Bath, is made of solid bronze and helps to soothe aching joints and rejuvenate skin.
  • Rediscover the art of relaxation in an elegant and luxurious way. Sultan Bath's solid bronze bathtubs are comprised of 93 percent copper to maximize healing benefits. The tubs are cast in a historic mold, hand hammered and hand polished.
  • Legend has it that Nefertiti, Queen of the Nile, bathed in copper vessels. And if today's metalsmiths have their way, 21st century divas will again luxuriate like royalty in lavish, copper baths. Sultan Bath, deals in solid copper-bronze bathtubs cast in antique Turkish molds using traditional techniques. The gleaming, claw-foot tubs are a full inch thick and weigh half a ton. They're equally stunning in price-the largest models top...
  • Find yourself swept away as you bathe in a solid bronze clawfoot bathtub inspired by the grandeur of Turkish palaces. Sultan Bath offers three distinct handcrafted styles that are beautiful and luxurious. Each solid bronze tub is shaped to perfectly fit the contours of the body and is meticulously hand polished in an eight-stage process to achieve the stunning golden finish. Each piece is given a name, numbered , truly a work of art.
  • Solid bronze, hand polished claw foot bathtubs from Sultan Bath are handcrafted in Turkey.
  • Sultan Bath invites you to "cradle yourself in copper."
  • Sultan Bath Inc. features solid bronze bathtubs that are handcrafted in Turkey. The baths are cast in an historic mold, hand hammered and hand polished, then named, numbered and engraved as works of art. The Ottoman Bath, shown measures 82"L X 33.5"W X 30"H, with a depth of 19.5 inches. It weighs 1000 pounds. The collection also includes the Roman Bath and the Byzantine Bath.
  • Sultan Bath's new Bronze Vessel is constructed of hand-polished red bronze with a bronze grid drain. Produced by Turkish artisans, the sink's design is fit for an above counter application.
  • As the consumer grows smarter in the world of decorative bath products, they understand that they have options. Each client is trying to outdo the next. Customers are looking for something that no one else will have. These customers now have alternatives! One is to have unique one of a kind functional work of 'art' for your bathroom...
  • A vessel of opulence, the Ottoman tub is worthy of a potentate. Using techniques developed by Turkish artisans, this company marries virgin copper with tin to form solid bronze. Each tub is sand-cast in red soil and polished by hand in an eight-stage process.